cropped-cropped-dsc04600-e1453662454119.jpg“They say he was created from a much nicer restaurant guy”

– Unknown

Shawn Parkinson aka The Angry Restaurant Guy has been training and coaching restaurant employees, managers, and owners for almost two decades.  Armed with a quick wit and a distaste for the status quo, Shawn delivers advice on not only changing your business, but the way you see your business.

“Shawn Parkinson is skilled in the deadly art of humour. He uses his knowledge of the restaurant industry to help your employees learn and grow.”

Shawn is an expert in hospitality training, marketing, and development. His keen insight and entertaining style comes from years of creating his own space within Canada’s major restaurant companies.
His early restaurant experience allowed him to transition from a corporate store server to national restaurant trainer almost overnight. His unique methods allow him to see the business from both a staff and management perspective.
His career has taken him from years of working with some of the largest restaurant companies in Canada to consulting with hundreds of restaurant staff members and managers.

Shawn questions. He challenges. He informs. Most importantly he refocuses your team and provides them with proven solutions, not theories.

“My testimonials need to come from line cooks, bartenders, service staff, hosts, and dishwashers – they are the ones learning and trying to make a career in this industry”


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